7 common mistakes when going to the physiotherapist


In a physiotherapy practice, many common faults that affect the success of treatment and, therefore, good patient recovery are seen.

So I invite you to learn common mistakes made ​​when going to the physiotherapist, with the advantage that most have easy solution. Do not miss:

1) Go demanding specific techniques: Often techniques that have become fashionable, for one reason or another; Pilates exercise either type, techniques such as kinesiotaping or dry needling, there are people who come to the physiotherapist asking for a specific technique or techniques to treat your injury. This is a mistake because it makes little sense to apply a technique without knowing exactly what the problem is. The techniques are tools that work when used well, but they are not really useful if used without reasoning or valuation.

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2) Go in haste: We are able to wait for hours (days) to access a concert or movie premiere, or wait your turn to order at the counter of a bar in a room full of people, but some people will hurry to the physiotherapist. They want everything fast, and without giving time to think, evaluate, reevaluate, apply the treatment in the right way and exchange information between therapist and patient.

3) Keep only passive treatment: Massage, passive mobilizations, manipulations, puncture, bandage … There are many physical therapy techniques that do not require active participation the patient, but this is only part of the treatment. For best results, the patient should be actively involved, and physical therapist give exercise guidelines, care tips and daily life, so that the patient can do outside consultation, at home, to maintain and improve their health by completing and the physiotherapy treatment.

4) Do not give importance to physiotherapy diagnosis: Closely related to what we have already spoken, and we’ve also had on other occasions: the physiotherapy diagnostician together with the assessment and reassessment is what allows us to know what the problems are and establish a treatment program, setting realistic, agreed and measurable objectives. If your back hurts and you’re just going to get a massage, or get pinched, or you put colored strips without analyzing where the problem is and how it can be addressed, it is unlikely that recovery is good and lasting.

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5) Lack of personal hygiene: Well, you had to say, and that is, when I ask colleagues for errors they would like to change in their sessions with patients, always it appears (seriously or jokingly) the issue of personal hygiene … And it always requires a health treatment

6) Do not go to a professional: To practice physiotherapy, it should be a physiotherapist entitled and referee, as it is the health practitioner for assessment and treatments based on physical manipulation, mobilization, physical agents (cold, heat, electricity …) and therapeutic exercise. Go to other professionals not enabled, or even personal than health, of course not give us any guarantee or security.

7) Failure to follow the instructions received: If you say you do not exercise you should rest to recover from your injury muscle or tendon why you’re running? If you say you exercise to relieve your knee pain or back why not get up off the couch? In physical therapy, the goals must be agreed: physio and patient should work towards the same, and should communicate to the guidelines to follow are for the common interest. It is therefore essential that, if you go to a good health professional, follow their instructions and advice, and ask that what you do not agree, better skip the instructions wordlessly do not you think?

And you have you gone to physical therapy sessions? Have you made any of these mistakes?

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