5 Reasons You Should Divorce Instead of Staying in an Unhappy Marriage

Marriage is sealed with a kiss but can come with a lot of emotional baggage. Outside influences such as religion, family and friends, and even Hollywood provide constant, and often unsolicited, reminders of a couples’ duty and obligation to their small corner of the world. The stress alone can cause even the sanest person to think they need to stay in an unhealthy situation. But if you’re at the point where you’ve seriously considered a Michigan divorce, here are five reasons why you should continue with those plans.

The Daily or Continual Fights Will End

Divorce often brings out the worst in people, and if you’re still living with your partner during that process your home can feel like a war zone. Even if you’re legally separated, chances are things weren’t super calm up to filing with your Michigan divorce attorney. Things will likely be tense between you for a while, but divorce allows a new slate where you may eventually either completely drift apart as the fights cease or even grow to be friends. Stranger things have happened.


Being Single Encourages Personal Growth

Not every marriage that ends in divorce is “bad”. Some marriages are just so stagnant that the couple grows apart and neither can grow in the relationship. A marriage is like a plant. If you don’t water and feed it, it will die. Complacency is a major cause of lost dreams, neglect, and resentment. You should never have to feel like you’re locked in a hopeless situation due to duty, obligation, or fear. If you’re sick of carrying the relationship, consider unpacking the baggage.

You Get to Focus on Yourself

Ask yourself some serious questions and answer truthfully: Do you recognize yourself anymore? How much have you given up for your relationship? How much have you changed? How much has your partner changed? Have you gained weight, lost friends, or given up career options due to relationship issues or requirements? A divorce can act as a life reset. Go back to school. Join a gym. Remodel the basement the way you always wanted it, or go get your dream job. It’s not too late.

The Kids Will Survive

One of the most common reasons for staying in an unhappy marriage is because parents worry about how the kids will handle a divorce. This can be a tricky situation and, depending on the ages involved, you’ll probably be dealing with plenty of guilt. Kids play on that. But divorce isn’t uncommon in this day and age, and kids are resilient. It is absolutely possible to raise happy and healthy children outside of divorce. Plus, happier parents lead to happier kids. The truth is, they want their parents to be happy and stop fighting more than anything… even if that means they live apart. You may even develop your parenting mojo and discover you’re a much better parent without the spousal interference.

You Could Finally Find the Right Partner

OK, this is jumping the gun, and you’re probably nowhere near ready to even consider dating again. But one day you might be. The end of one relationship doesn’t signify the end of love, just the opposite. Your divorce allows you to heal, grow, learn how to love yourself again, and in the process perhaps be open to loving another down the road. But this time you’ll know what you don’t want. When you’re ready, your Michigan divorce lawyer can help you take the necessary steps to start over.

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