5 Cosmetic DIY With Cucumber


In an ideal ranking of the most represented in the iconography of the vegetables being, cucumber reigns unchallenged in first place. Beyond the known properties that report in the trenches in the fight against cellulite, the image of woman with towel on her head, a vague cream in the face and two slices of cucumber on the eyes has every right in the mythology of wellness, also it is highly likely that few people have taken the tr,ouble to investigate the matter. Perhaps not everyone knows that this bizarre practice is motivated by the fact Cucumber ability to reduce swelling of the areas surrounding the eyeballs, causing the contraction of the capillaries.

After giving a foundation to the legend, we can find out how to use the other superpowers of one of the leading Wellness and vegetable products.

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Bath after sun

If you are one of those who fall asleep in the white beach like milk and wake up, hours later, surrounded by firefighters, perhaps interest you to know that some cucumber slices, dipped in a bath of warm water with mint and sea salt, they can alleviate the redness and sense of self-ignition of sunburn.

Tonic for the skin

Sometimes, the skin plays tricks. In more troublesome cases, it seems that someone has attacked us an adhesive film on the cheeks, not tell us how to take it off. Fortunately, it only takes a mixer, a cucumber cut into cubes, sage leaves and four tablespoons of distilled water, to prepare a refreshing and soothing tonic. Once ready, and filtered in a glass bottle, the compound can be stored in the refrigerator for several weeks.

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Masked skin vol.1

Dry skin? If into the refrigerator compartment take a fresh cucumber, an avocado and an egg, the problem is solved. Smoothies along with two teaspoons of starch, 100 grams of cucumber and avocado and egg white are the ingredients for a mask that promises to be the most valuable allies in the special mission that aims to moisturize and nourish your face. Applied on the face and neck with circular motions, this cream also has a tonic effect.

Masked skin vol.2

It may happen that the face present areas with an extremely dry skin and others are very fatty. In this case, the cucumber calls into question the faithful yogurt, for a health shake that, to be effective, has to rest on the face for 15 to 20 minutes.

Shower cucumbers

Those who cannot stay away from the water of the sea and swimming pool, is well aware that one of the side effects of this healthy habit is the stress at which the hair is subjected. Fortunately, the heroic cucumber has a recipe for this. The mixture whisking an egg, a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil and a quarter of a cucumber, can be applied to freshly washed wet hair and rinsed vigorously after 10 minutes.

Of course, that’s not all. From masks to wraps, to the soap, cucumber – that, in case anyone had forgotten it, you can also eat – in has many other surprises.

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