5 Benefits Of A Health Informatics Degree For Aspiring Nurses

5 Benefits Of A Health Informatics Degree For Aspiring Nurses

As a nurse, you are passionate about helping others and improving their overall quality of life. While working in the exam room is a great way to help, a degree in health informatics can also allow you to help both your co-workers and your patients. Here are 5 benefits of a health informatics degree for aspiring nurses.

5 Benefits Of A Health Informatics Degree For Aspiring NursesImprove your communication skills. As a nurse, it is essential that you know how to appropriately and effectively communicate information in a timely fashion. With a degree in informatics, you will learn how to best keep track of patient information, schedules, paperwork and more by utilizing technology in an efficient and streamlined manner. These skills will make you extremely qualified as a healthcare professional. Being diligent about keeping a paper trail helps to reduce accidents, legal situations, and confusion so that your patients are safe and well cared for.

Understand the details and behind the scenes work that goes into running a healthcare facility. As an individual with an informatics degree, you will understand all of the details that keep a healthcare facility running on a daily basis. As a nurse, you are focused on the patients, administering medications, helping doctors and more. If you are nursing in the exam rooms, knowledge of informatics will help you to level with and cooperate better with people who work at the desk and deal with the technology and paperwork tracking. This can foster better relationships and open lines of communication between informatics personnel and healthcare personnel.

Improve your salary and marketability for jobs. Higher degrees and more education will have a large impact on your salary and potential earnings. Plus, a degree in informatics will set you apart from the competition, allowing you to achieve higher job positions and work your way up in the nursing profession.

Enhance the efficiency of your unit or department. With a degree in healthcare informatics, you will have skills and strategies to not only help yourself be a better nurse, but also to revolutionize your department’s efficiency and focus on details. You will be able to propose new ideas, optimize the use of technology, streamline paperwork, and so much more. These skills will be an asset to your nursing team.

Help patients by making paperwork more accessible and user friendly. Knowing about what happens behind the scenes can help you to better inform patients of their options and can make you a better, more well-rounded professional. You will be able to present patients with their medical options and rights. You can also help them to make financial decisions and ensure that their paperwork is in order and properly filed to reduce stress and mistakes throughout the complicated processes.

If you are pursing a career as a nurse, a degree in healthcare informatics will help to leverage your career, improve your communication skills, allow you to be more tech savvy, and help your nursing department avoid mistakes and achieve success. In addition, knowledge of healthcare informatics is yet another way you can help your patients navigate their way through the technical, jargon-filled world of the healthcare industry, so that they can get better service and the attention they need and deserve.

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