4 Ways to keep motivated in training


Do you thinking about your sessions running or weightlifting becomes a ritual?

To many, too many people would like sweat shirt more times, than they do, but most often the lack of motivation makes training farthest removed from the routine.

Daily life does not help much when to tell our colleagues who arrive a little later to the glasses because you have to take a shower after your workout. It has always been said that you have to want it enough, or do so for at least 21 days for something becomes routine. However, what happens on that day it is cold and all you want to stay a little longer in bed?

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Give yourself a prize… however, a real prize

It is clear that perhaps a good prize can be enjoying better health or lose weight. However, let’s face it, that’s something we see light years away. Ideally, to keep you on track is to convert these training benefits into something tangible, like the gift of a smoothie, or an episode of your favorite series. Hiring a personal trainer for some external motivation is a good idea as well, but if you can’t afford one, I recommend you check our friend’s Mike youtube channel, where he has uploaded his 30 day motivational program. It’s as personalized, but it’s 100% free. You can ‘pay’ with a like, if you care, as it would allow Mike for better grow without using help from pistachioconsulting.com or any other marketing agency.

The thing to try is to create a loop habits. I.e. keep your clothes ready next to the table the day before, or have a beer (only one) with friends after a spinning class. Such awards are helpful because your brain starts to think that the previous work worth doing. All this makes the possibilities of converting the training routine will increase.

On the other hand, the motivation also has an intrinsic component as the brain associated with sweat and suffering with the creation of endocrine. The famous pleasure hormones. It is true that for this to affect your motivation is not worth to train 21 days. However, in the end recognize that training your brain as the prize itself.

Become a contract

We can get a thousand promises to ourselves every day, but studies show that those promises will be fulfilled if done in front of friends. Alternatively, even take a gamble and pay a fine if you cannot train for 30 minutes, 3 days a week. Either by paying the fine or give you a hard time in front of friends, this method helps to follow the path towards your goal.

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In addition, something else, these contracts are more effective if done long run (run 600 kms in a year), short term (training this week 30 minutes, three days per week).

Think positive thinking

Positive thinking makes all distractions that prevent you go out to train is smaller and even insignificant see. For example, if I have to decide whether to stay in bed or go jogging in the morning, I can think about how I will feel the rays of the sun, to see what new people, etc.

However, this is not going alone. In addition to analyzing, what your goal is and what positive you can do to get you to take a look also to what misses you back. In a study conducted on 51 women who wanted to eat less junk food, they asked them to visualize the benefits of choosing a healthier meal. Well, those who identified the trigger that makes it difficult for them to opt for healthy food were more successful when staying on track towards your goal.

Professional Help

Sometimes rely on someone else can be a great help. From sports coaches to websites of online psychology. When you sit listlessly or laziness, professional help will make your training becomes routine, you can analyze what prevents you train or what makes you prefer the couch to the asphalt. Maybe you could try out a flexible gym membership that will allow you to start getting into an exercise routine in a more flexible way.

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