4 Ways To Increase Your Defenses Against Colds And Flu

4 Ways To Increase Your Defenses Against Colds And Flu

I knew the flu and colds season had started when my daughter who has an iron, came down this weekend with congestion, according to her, had taken in college.

When it’s cold and flu season, the possibility of contagion. We try to wash our hands to avoid germs and stay away from coughs and sneezes, but we can not live in isolation, nor would be more advisable.

HealthSo … what can we do to strengthen our defenses?.

There are habits that protect us from colds and flu, and some dietary recommendations I encourage you to read:

1. Stimulate the immune system

No wonder most of us get sick in January and February. In general, they are the coldest months of the year and our bodies are still recovering from the excessive foods and sweets more. Did you know that one of the things you can do to boost your immune system is down sugar ? Science warns that too much sugar can affect our immune system and is best avoided when we are sick. Studies show that a Zucar (simple carbohydrate) reduces the ability of white blood cells to “cleanse” the germs up to 40%. This effect begins about 30 minutes after ingestion and may last up to 5 hours. In contrast, complex carbohydrates, show no effect on the immune system. Therefore, get rid of all the candies you still have in your pantry!.

2. Eat better

The next step is to add green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits (vitamin C) and foods with active bifidus (microorganisms or “good bacteria” that live in our intestines) that help improve the intestinal flora and boost the immune system.

A great choice especially if you caught a cold, you get a traditional chicken soup and vegetables. There are studies that proved to be one of the best remedies to soothe the symptoms of flu and colds. Its ingredients like carrots, celery, onion, parsley, bay leaf and chicken foods act as anti-inflammatory, and help relieve cough and relieve nasal congestion. Some people need help from other cold remedies, even if they have to deal with the symptoms to remain active.

3. Reduce stress and sleep some more

Little sleep is another factor that influences the slope of the defenses and sustained stress is one of the triggers for these disorders. Therefore encourage you reduce stress, learn to say “No” rather than “yes” to all requests and demands of others. Ensures at least seven hours of sleep daily and park all that you can worry about a few days. Many things have a message beyond the exaggerated sense of danger that we usually give adults. Rest is essential for the recovery arrives, and if you put your hand almost everything can be arranged.

4. Move the body

When you’ve fallen, there is no choice but to stay in bed (especially when you have the flu) and not make too much effort. But if you want to prevent colds rest of the year and increase your defenses, begins to play sports when you recover. Exercise increases endorphins, natural hormones that generate feelings of wellbeing and improve sleep quality, which has a positive impact on the immune system. Make half hour of exercise, two or three days a week, will be sufficient to maintain the active immune system.

Check out this quick test you positive:

  • Do you use disposable handkerchiefs?
  • How often do you wash your hands?
  • You Vents everyday home?
  • Do you avoid smoking and drinking alcohol?
  • Do you avoid sudden changes in temperature?
  • Do you take more than 1 liter of water a day?

If so, you will heal faster and avoid infecting others. And remember: if you have a chronic illness or like a fever of over 38 degrees for more than two days, you have to go to your doctor to rule out any complications.

I hope that these tips can spend the time to colds and flu without too much difficulty!

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