23 Tips To Reduce Stress On Holidays

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Crowds in the shops! Endless parties! Inevitable meetings with relatives! The holiday season can flood you with a wave of stress.

Do not rush to panic and get upset, we have collected for you 23 practical advice, with which you can return the holidays to the past magic and rid yourself of unnecessary nerves …

Reduce Holiday Stress

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1) Stock up on the sun: Sunlight contributes to the production of serotonin – the hormone of happiness – and facilitates seasonal affective disorder. Go out into the street or at least grab some light at the window. If the sun is in short supply, ask your doctor about light therapy.

2) Breathe citrus: Researchers studying depression found that some citrus fruits enhance the feeling of well-being and vigor. Drink a little lemon or orange essential oil on a handkerchief and “apply” to it when you need a small charge during the day.

3) Avoid problems: Literally, the rhythm of the walk calms the nervous system, reduces anxiety and improves sleep. Try to walk for at least half an hour a day.

4) Sleep better: If you need help with this, try a plant extract of 5-HTP, sold in pharmacies. It will reduce anxiety, raise serotonin and improve the quality of sleep.

5) Clamp here: The soft spot between the thumb and forefinger in Chinese folk medicine is considered responsible for relaxation. Clamp it for 30 seconds, when you will be filled with anxiety or stress. And do not forget to breathe deeper.

6) Less to do, more to rest: Shopping, cooking, ringing all relatives and visiting an endless number of events, for sure, will leave you powerless. Therefore, it is better to take care of yourself first and at least answer something “no”.

7) Do not change your routine: Doing sports, meeting in a club of book lovers … Keep doing what you love to do usually, and do not try to shove your day more than you can. Do not turn holidays into a race!

8) Laugh!: Sincere laughter lowers the level of the stress hormone. Laugh as often as possible!

9) Get rid of perfectionism: Do not try to reach the ideal, the end of the world will not come, if at a festive dinner your house will not shine with absolute purity and order. Concentrate on the joy of communication, and do not pay attention to trifles – happiness is not in them!

10) Spend holidays outside the house: If your family has a penchant for squabbles and quarrels, hold family meetings in a neutral area – in a restaurant where even fans are likely to behave decently.

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11) Say goodbye to old traditions: If they cause you nostalgia and longing for the past or left people, create new traditions, meet holidays in the style of other cultures and do not be afraid of change. Create new traditions by finding new gifts for her each year.

12) Be a selective volunteer: Help is a wonderful activity, but choose the sphere that will suit you. Here, too, it’s important not to overload yourself.

Reduce Holiday Stress

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13) Turn off the device: Constant calls and holiday notifications will certainly overload you. Turn off the phone if all your loved ones are already at your desk!

14) Love the spicy dishes: It is proved that spicy food provokes the production of endorphins, natural substances that cause a sense of euphoria and well-being.

15) Add a spoonful of honey: This will give an instant burst of energy. In addition, honey is an antibacterial product, for which immunity will tell you only thank you.

16) Coffee – only after breakfast: Caffeine on an empty stomach dramatically increases blood sugar, which can cause attention breakdown and irritability.

17) Offer a helping hand: In one study, it was shown that people doing massage were less likely to suffer from stress than those who received it. Exchange massage – a great gift to yourself.

18) More sex: It not only increases immunity, but also gives a strong rebuff to stress and low self-esteem. Orgasm increases the level of endorphins (natural painkillers) and oxytocin, which promotes quality sleep.

19) Listen to music: Do they worry? Include your favorite songs. Listening to your favorite music relaxes blood vessels and improves blood flow, researchers at the University of Maryland say.

20) Mango instead of cake: Pulled on the sweet? Take the mango. Fresh, canned or as part of a pie, this fruit has substances that contribute to relaxation, say Japanese researchers.

21) Be sure to go in for sports: In the festive turmoil, there is no time for fitness? Reconsider your priorities! Physical activity improves self-esteem and mood up to 12 hours.

22) Plan your vacation: Even 4-5 days of vacation significantly reduces the level of stress. No chance to leave? Rest at home by sending your children to your grandmother.

23) Think positively: Holidays can bring to a nervous breakdown, but do not get hung up on the negative. Only bad thoughts can cause a stressful reaction in the body and lead to very real health problems. Do not forget: the holidays are for fun and fun with your loved ones, not for experiences.

More optimism! You will cope with everything!

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