10 reasons to jogging that do not enter anything with weight loss


Earlier this year, I decided to commit to run every day because climbing stairs to the third floor had become quite challenging.

I started with the march quite unthinkable paths, I had a very strong motivation, then I started to say that the results would be seen in my best physical shape.

What I did not expect was a total transformation of my mind?

There are benefits such as weight loss and better heart circulation, but jogging on the sidewalk has nothing to do with the satisfaction of wearing a beautiful dress. Just like any other exercise, you gain much more than just a best physical shape; I bet that would be the same for you. I will list some reasons why you might change your attitude going to run …

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1. Running makes you happier

One word: endorphin. Research has shown that exercise brings benefits to mood. When you are active, your brain releases chemicals that welfare will reset your attitude and make you feel happier after training. In other words, it’s a pretty healthy remedy to overcome a bad day.

2. It gives you a goal to work

The only person you really are when you run it yourself. Each race and each race is an opportunity to increase your endurance levels. The reward for your hard work will not be easy, but that feeling you get when you do shave a minute or beat your personal record is really unparalleled satisfaction.

3. It could help defeat depression

A study conducted by the University of Michigan has found that physical activity closely held group with nature – even if it is a simple walk – can relieve symptoms of depression. Running outdoors is acquired vitamin D, which if low, is associated with seasonal affective disorder.

4. It becomes part of a community …

Statistics show that exercise during exercise – especially during the races – is becoming increasingly popular. You probably have friends or relatives who constantly practice the race, perhaps it might just be your partner and you may follow in the march.

5. … but it is also a solitary activity

Sometimes it takes just shoes and headphones and of course a path. In fact, to have a little ‘time to devote to yourself can actually be good.

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6. It is a healthy way to relieve stress

The exercise is a scientifically proven way to lower your stress level. Endorphin increases through music and increased heart rate. Running on the road to a better mood and leave your worries on the sidewalk (or on a treadmill, treadmill if you prefer).

7. Running helps you sleep better …

Jogging and sleep, two actions that go hand in hand. Experts suggest improve sleep if the goal is to improve their skills and physical exercise helps to ensure excellent amount of rest. One can speak of a victory.

8. … and you could become morning people

An alarm clock 6:00 may be a shock but it is worth it. If you get used to waking up early it will always be easier, (which if you should have a good rest). You need to be motivated to get up early out of bed? Try one of these to start the race.

9. It keeps your brain alert

The longer you run the less likely to lose focus. Research suggests that exercise may improve cognitive function as they age, including working memory and task switching.

10. In any case, running makes you stronger

Your strength should not be measured by the number of stairs you drive, but how you feel in other moments of your life. Running – if done correctly and consistently – strives muscles, improves the joints and increases your endurance. Not to mention the fact that research says that exercise can reduce the risk of disease and increase longevity.

Honestly, it is worth not only to travel a length of the circuit, but simply to wear a pair of jeans.

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